In order to allow you to fully enjoy the potential of your precast concrete pool, Bayto Pools offers you several accessories that will enhance your experience!

Discover them now.

Heat Pump : Our Nirvana Series NE55 heat pumps offer you the best warranty on the market as well as the best performance in the industry. They are quiet, energy-efficient, and take up little space on your property.

Thermopompe pour piscine

Aquarite Salt System : AquaRite 900 automatically converts dissolved salt into a supply of chlorine, giving you more time to relax and less time for maintenance. Salt chlorination will provide automatic and constant disinfection while keeping the water soft and healthy.

Système au sel Aqua Rite

Fastlane Swim Place : The Fastlane system produces a powerful, non-turbulent, and silent current that will give your Bayto pool a new playground for a summer of fun! Adjust the water speed as you wish and swim in the comfort of your pool. It offers all the benefits of swimming (cardiovascular health, muscle and joint strength, low-impact exercise) in the privacy of your own backyard.

Nage place Fastlane

Winter Safety Cover : Easy and quick to install, our safety covers will protect your pool, your family, and your pets during the winter as they can support the weight of a human. In addition, your reinforced membrane will be protected against UV rays, and your pool will be completely clean in the spring when you start it up.

Automation System : This system allows you to effortlessly control, from your cell phone, the heating, pump, and lighting of your Bayto pool. Depending on your needs, our automation systems can facilitate the management of your water chemistry by giving you real-time readings and data.

Système d'automatisation de piscine

Automatic Cover : A Coverstar automatic cover acts as a passive solar heater and can raise your water temperature by 8 to 10 degrees. Unlike solar covers, automatic covers completely seal your pool with the push of a button! Moreover, sealing your pool when not in use prevents evaporation, the main factor of heat loss.

Couverture automatique pour piscine

Solar Cover : Prevent heat loss from your Bayto pool! This cover is made up of bubbles and a smooth surface. The bubbles are placed directly on the surface of the water, and the smooth surface is placed towards the sky. An affordable and easy-to-install product!

Cleaning Robot : A cleaning robot is a super-effective solution to keep your pool clean. Our robots clean the floor, walls, and waterline, they filter fine and ultra-fine debris, leaving your pool sparkling clean!