Founded in 2021 in the Estrie region, Bayto Pools offers precast in-ground pools, prefabricated in concrete, a first in Quebec and Canada! This family business is made up of two brothers, Carl and Dave, as well as their father, Gaetan, and several skilled employees. With over 40 years of experience in in-ground pools, the St-Jean family has solid experience in management, construction, and installation.

The products offered at Bayto Pools are both stylish, innovative, and solid, as well as affordable. Due to their cement shell, these uniquely designed pools in Canada can be above-ground, semi-inground, or fully inground.

Bayto Pools ensures assembly, necessary plumbing for proper pool operation, and delivery. However, installation service is not offered. Nonetheless, the company has a large network of professionals to recommend for the installation of your pool. The major advantage of this type of pool is its quick installation time, which on average only takes two days!

Bayto Pools is proud to be the only company in the country to offer such a product!

Mission – Vision – Values

MISSION : To improve the process of obtaining a high-end concrete pool in an innovative, affordable, fast, and efficient way.

VISION : To be the Canadian leader in the production of precast concrete pools by offering an unquestionable product quality.

VALUES : To create memories and memorable moments by making the purchase of superior quality pools accessible to all.


Carl St-Jean

Dave St-Jean

Gaetan St-Jean