Precast Concrete Pools: A Unique Process

Bayto Pools is the first company to offer this product in Canada, and we are extremely proud of it. We have developed a method for manufacturing pre-cast concrete pools that makes installation incredibly simple and fast. Through this process, we are able to deliver your new pre-cast concrete pool quickly, and since it only takes two days to install, you can start enjoying it in no time!


But how is this possible? It’s simple. We manufacture the entire pool in our workshops and deliver it to you as one piece. All that’s left for you to do is add water! Okay, we may be simplifying things a bit, but to help you understand what a pre-cast concrete pool really is and how they are made, here’s a bit of an explanation!


What is a precast concrete pool?

A precast concrete pool is a prefabricated pool that is manufactured in a factory, which means no additional assembly is required once it leaves our workshop. These pools combine quality, aesthetics, and innovation while remaining affordable. They are prefabricated in our facility, making them a completely Quebec-made product! Due to their monolithic cement shell, they are delivered as a single piece. We do not use standard pool liners in our products. Instead, our pools are covered with a highly resistant reinforced membrane, which is the thickest on the market, ensuring their strength and durability. These premium pools are suitable for all types of terrain, and since they are easy to install, you can start enjoying them almost immediately!


How do we proceed?

Once you have purchased your pool, we deliver it directly to your home. However, we do not perform pool installations ourselves, but we can recommend several companies to do it for you! If you are an entrepreneur and have the necessary machinery available, such as a crane, you will have no difficulty with the installation process. Therefore, you need to book the services of installers, and in less than two days, you will be able to enjoy your pool!

The Steps:

We manufacture the entire pool in our factory. Currently, we offer three rectangular formats of pre-cast concrete pools. These pools are pre-cast, which means that accessories such as drains, skimmers, and steps are also integrated into the structure. The chosen format’s mold is filled with concrete, and since this is a crucial process, all steps are supervised and controlled.

Once the pool is molded, we cover the interior with a reinforced membrane of your choice in design. This reinforced membrane contributes to the waterproofing of your pool, enhancing its durability. We have selected the thickest and most resistant membrane available on the market, chosen for its high quality and luxurious aesthetics.

When the pool leaves our factory and heads to your home, there is no further work required. There are no pieces to assemble or additional components to add. The pool is ready to be installed and connected to the necessary equipment for its operation. This approach significantly simplifies the task for those responsible for installing your pool since there are fewer steps involved, resulting in a shorter installation time. Once delivered, your pool will be ready for use in less than 48 hours.


In order to be ready for your Bayto pool, there are certain steps you need to take. Firstly, you will need to obtain a permit for the installation of your new pool. Then, you will need to choose a company that will be responsible for excavating your land and preparing the pool area. You will also need to hire a crane company to properly place your new pool in the designated spot. Finally, you will need to select a company to handle the plumbing and electrical connections for your pool. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you and guide you towards one of our trusted suppliers. Of course, we will provide you with detailed engineering specifications to ensure a seamless installation process.

Once the surface is prepared, the pool can be installed in three ways: inground, semi-inground, or above ground. Once it is placed in the desired location, the equipment will be connected, the pool will be filled, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to take a dip!

We highly recommend working with professionals for the installation of your pool. It is a process that requires expertise and specialized equipment. Once all of this is done, there is only one thing left for you to do: get your swimsuit ready!