The Different Types of Inground Pools

Ah, inground pools! So beautiful and luxurious, we all want one in our backyard! Many Quebecers opt for this type of pool to enhance their yard, but did you know that there are several types? Indeed, there is now a wide variety of inground pools, so much so that we thought it would be helpful to inform you about each type to help you choose the ideal inground pool for you.

At Bayto Pools, we specialize in precast concrete pools, but as we have been in the industry for over 40 years, no pool is a secret to us! So we will present you with 5 types of inground pools to help you understand the particularities of each and choose the one that you will install in your backyard with ease!


Precast Concrete Inground Pools

These pools are a first in Canada, and Bayto Pools is proud to introduce them to you! These pools are the perfect example of innovation that combines quality, aesthetics, and affordable pricing. They are certainly smaller, but due to their monolithic cement shell, they are delivered to you in one piece, and it takes less than two days for you to take a dip! Indeed, the installation of this type of pool requires less than two days. Simple and quick, just the way we like it! They are easy to heat and maintain according to the treatment that you prefer, and you even have the option of enjoying them all year round. Since they are covered with the thickest and most durable reinforced membrane on the market, precast concrete inground pools are extremely strong, reliable, and robust. These are high-end pools that are ideal for all types of terrain, especially those with limited space. These pools are innovative and present a design and quality that is unparalleled.


Concrete Inground Pools

Notably recognized for their versatility, concrete pools offer a wide range of possibilities. Whether it’s the shape, size, design, or depth, concrete pools are fully customizable, making them an interesting choice if you have a very creative idea in mind. They are very durable, especially due to their steel reinforcement that provides strength and longevity to your pool. Unlike other types of inground pools, concrete pools require slightly more rigorous maintenance, which incurs additional costs. Moreover, to maintain the aesthetics and preserve the quality of your pool, it is highly recommended to repaint it with epoxy or latex every 5 years. Concrete pools are generally more expensive than their counterparts and also take much longer to install, several weeks depending on the size of the project.


Fiberglass Inground Pools

Fiberglass pools have the characteristic, like precast concrete pools, of being very quick and easy to install. Moreover, if you have DIY skills and the necessary equipment, you can install it yourself! Fiberglass pools are also very easy to maintain and are ideal for less sunny areas since it is very easy to heat them. Easy to heat means warmer water! This type of pool is very strong and resistant to sunlight. They do not require a liner, and due to their flexible shell that does not deform, fiberglass pools offer excellent durability, thus combining affordable prices and quality.


Steel Inground Pools

Steel inground pools are made up of four parts: wall panels, bracing, vinyl liner, and stairs. Their floor is made of concrete while the walls are made of galvanized steel. Due to technological advancements in recent years, this type of pool no longer requires welding, which is an undeniable improvement. Therefore, it is a vastly different inground pool than previously seen models. However, they are sturdy, durable, and resistant, and they are available in multiple shapes. Although they are strong, steel inground pools require a concrete sidewalk around them to further solidify the pool’s structure. Steel inground pools are affordable and do not require much maintenance, but it is strongly advised against treating them with salt since they are susceptible to corrosion.


Polymer Inground Pools

Polymer inground pools are as strong as steel inground pools but are not corrosive. This is a very interesting advantage since it allows them to last longer while allowing you to treat your water with salt if desired. Therefore, they are durable, resistant, and easy to maintain. The side panels of polymer pools are rigid and non-biodegradable, allowing this type of inground pool to withstand the test of time.


These five types of inground pools have very interesting advantages, and we hope that you will now have an easier time making a choice based on your tastes and needs. If your choice falls on our wonderful precast concrete pools, Bayto Pools will be happy to advise you in your purchase. We offer pools that are out of the ordinary and, with their unique characteristics, bring a real wave of freshness. In terms of quality, they far surpass all others because they are both durable, sturdy, and aesthetic, while still being affordable. They are also perfectly suited for all types of terrain! We also invite you to take a look at our three precast concrete pool formats, but beware… it will make you want to install one in your garden!