Top 5 Pool Accessories to buy

Swimming season will soon be upon us, so it’s time to get ready accordingly! And no, we’re not talking about your “beach body”, but your pool! Spring is the perfect time to start cleaning up the yard, doing some work in preparation for the upcoming summer. It’s also the perfect time to take care of your pool, and since you’ll soon be opening it, you might as well make sure everything is in order.

Whether this is your first summer as a pool owner or not, there are certain accessories that go a long way in making the swimming experience even more enjoyable. Whether it’s pleasant weather or perfectly clear, balanced water, there are many factors that can play a role in making your experience even better, and sometimes that means additional equipment or accessories. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can suggest a few accessories that are sure to enhance your swim in your new Bayto pool!


Accessory 1: A heat pump

You know as well as we do, summer in Quebec is not always very warm. We have to juggle between rain and grey weather, heat waves and low temperatures in the evening, not to mention the winds that can sometimes be very strong! While it is obvious that your pool will heat up in hot weather, it is certain that it will cool down as soon as the temperatures drop. Some pools are better located than others, some have greater sun  exposure, while others are surrounded by trees that deprive them of the sun’s warm rays. As a result, some pools are much more difficult naturally to heat than others. A heat pump is therefore THE solution to avoid having to dive into icy water or, even worse, deprive yourself of swimming due to water that is too cold. Whether you have a large above-ground pool or one of our precast concrete pools, a heat pump is the perfect accessory to ensure that your water is always the perfect temperature!

At Bayto Pools, our precast concrete pools are easy to heat due to their small size and low amount of water, but as we’ve explained, many external elements can impact how easy or difficult it is for you to have warm water. We therefore offer you the Nirvana NE55 Series heat pumps, a product that is compact, quiet, energy efficient and offers the best performance in the industry!


Accessory 2: A solar cover

Always related to the water temperature, the solar cover is definitely an essential accessory in Quebec. As we mentioned earlier, the weather conditions are not always ideal and conducive to a pleasant swim. Rain, wind, temperature drops, all these elements play a major role in the temperature of your pool water. Fortunately, there are accessories that can help you better control and maintain your pool at a comfortable temperature. The solar cover is an affordable and extremely practical accessory. It also allows you to keep your pool warm, so that the degrees you’ve gained don’t drop overnight. In addition, the solar cover is very practical in case of strong winds, as it protects your pool from all kinds of debris, such as dust, leaves, branches, etc.

For owners of Bayto precast concrete pools, we offer three sizes of solar covers that will preserve your degrees!


Accessory 3: A cleaning robot

Under the theme of maintenance, we now talk about a task that is not always very tempting: vacuuming the pool. If this is not your favorite task either, that’s great because we have a solution for you: a robot cleaner! Buying a robot cleaner is a bit more expensive than a manual vacuum, but the results are far superior. A robot cleaner makes your life much easier, you just put it in the water and voila, it goes around every corner of your pool as well as on its edges to thoroughly clean it. It’s a great time saver for you since you no longer have to worry about this task.

At Bayto Pools, we offer you the Explorer E30 robotic cleaners, effective and efficient products that will leave your pool sparkling clean!


Accessory 4: A swim place system

Lovers of swimming and laps, this accessory is for you! If you don’t have an Olympic-sized inground pool in which to do your laps, a swim place system is a great alternative that will allow you to do so! A swim place system is a machine that produces a strong current that can be adjusted to your needs, allowing you to swim just as if you were doing laps.  These systems offer all the benefits of traditional swimming, only they allow you to do it even in smaller pools. The strong current produced by a swim place system allows you to work your muscles and joints, while improving your cardiovascular health right in the comfort of your pool. Both healthy and practical, it is definitely a recommended and appreciated accessory!

Bayto Pools also offers the Fastlane swim system, a powerful, silent and non-turbulent product that will enhance your swimming sessions!


Accessory 5: A winter safety cover

Unfortunately, the sweet summer season only lasts a few months and by the time fall comes around, most pool owners have to put their pools away for the winter. However, if you are the proud owner of a Bayto precast concrete pool, you can use it all year round (yes, even in the winter!) since they are easy to heat and are covered with a highly resistant reinforced membrane that is not affected by the cold!

The last accessory we will talk about is the winter safety cover. It is extremely practical, as well as being quick and easy to install. These covers are custom made to fit the size of your Bayto pool and because they are so durable, they protect your pool, your family and your pets. They can support the weight of a human, which means there’s no danger or fear. In addition, the safety cover protects your reinforced liner from the sun’s rays and also prevents any debris (branches, leaves, dust, etc.) from seeping into your pool.

Bayto Pools offers exclusive winter safety covers made especially for our pools. This practical, safe and aesthetic accessory will definitely please you!


Bayto pools, for fully enjoying your swims!

In summary, many accessories can greatly improve your swimming sessions and at Bayto Pools, we offer you all the accessories mentioned in this article, and more!