4 landscaping trends in 2023

Your new pool is finally installed and ready for you to enjoy! However, you feel like something is missing to turn your backyard into a true little paradise… At Bayto Pools, we have over 40 years of experience in the pool industry, so believe us, we’ve seen thousands of projects transformed into a true tropical oasis! We’re therefore well placed to give you some tips and tricks on landscaping trends to highlight your pool while creating a truly enchanting space right at home.

Here are some landscaping trends that will enhance your beautiful pool.


Plants and flowers

What’s better than plants to add some life to your backyard? They’re not just reserved for flower beds, on the contrary! Plants and flowers have their place in your pool area and undoubtedly bring a highly appreciated touch of color and life. Plants help establish a cool space that is both aesthetic and colorful, adding a natural touch to your decor. Depending on what you choose as plants or shrubs, it’s possible to use them to reinforce the privacy of your property and hide the view from your neighbors! If you opt for flowers, their beauty will add a little touch of paradise to your decor, while emitting a pleasant fragrance. Furthermore, plants and flowers never go out of style; they’re always on the list of landscaping trends, even in 2023!


Of course, gazebos are still popular, but pergolas are even better. Pergolas have been very trendy for a few years now, and they still are in 2023. Originally used as a support for plants, pergolas are now a very interesting alternative to the usual gazebos. Pergolas are now used to allow you to enjoy your patio, no matter the weather, as they can be equipped with a roof and sides to protect you from the rain or too much sun. They are often built with wood and often have a very exotic design straight from Italy. Besides their aesthetic and practical aspect, they allow you to create a small corner of privacy away from prying eyes while fully enjoying the outdoors.

Outdoor furniture

Over the past few years, outdoor furniture has greatly improved and diversified, so much so that it is now possible to have a real living room directly on your patio! Garden furniture is a must-have in landscaping. Depending on the available space, you can easily furnish your backyard to make it practical, warm, comfortable, and aesthetic. To do this, we suggest some furniture that is always popular and very trendy this year:

  • an outdoor sofa,
  • a suspended or standing hammock
  • a patio table with a bench or chairs
  • a swing
  • loungers
  • an umbrella
  • side tables
  • poufs
  • comfortable cushions

Furthermore, to create an even warmer and trendier atmosphere once night falls, we suggest installing small outdoor lights. You can install them on your pergola or gazebo, on your fence, directly in your bushes, in short, they are very versatile and go perfectly with all décors. Moreover, if you want to illuminate your pool in the evening, Piscines Bayto offers LED lighting equipment that will add a little luminous and romantic touch to your décor.

Outdoor Fireplace

Both practical and aesthetic, adding an outdoor gas fireplace is undeniably a winning and very trendy element. If on a cooler evening, you want to be able to enjoy your little outdoor paradise without being too cold, an outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to do so. Available in various sizes and designs, it emits beautiful warmth that allows you to enjoy your patio in both summer and winter! The design of gas fireplaces has greatly improved in terms of aesthetics. It has been revised, redesigned and is now a practical and visually appealing element.

Whether it’s a new sofa, a new kitchen table, or even a brand new pool, showcasing our new acquisitions is always enjoyable. With such a beautiful little pool, it would be a shame not to showcase it by taking advantage of current trends in landscaping. We hope that these trendy ideas have inspired you a little in the landscaping of your yard! Now, it’s time for decoration!