6 Reasons to Choose a Precast Concrete Pool

In recent years, particularly due to the pandemic, summer vacations for Canadians have changed a lot. Instead of traveling, we stayed at home and enjoyed our backyard. Many people then decided to redesign their gardens and have a pool installed to better enjoy the summer season. Three years later, things haven’t changed much in this regard; the enthusiasm for pools is still going strong. If you too are now considering getting a pool, but are not sure what type of pool you should choose, this article is for you!

At Bayto Pools, we offer precast concrete pools, an exclusive product in the country! This type of pool changes the game and is much more accessible than you might think.

Rapid installation

For many Canadians, summer means vacation, heat, sun, beach, and pool. This summer season often has the unfortunate tendency to pass by too quickly, and then we feel like we didn’t enjoy it enough. This is particularly the case when you buy a pool and the installation takes much longer than expected, so that summer ends and you haven’t had a chance to enjoy it. At Bayto Pools, we don’t have this problem. Once the purchase is made, we deliver your precast concrete pool and it takes less than two days to install, which means you can enjoy your new pool very quickly! Your only worry will not be the delivery and installation time, but rather making sure you have a swimsuit ready in time!

Ideal sizes

You really want to have a pool installed, but it seems impossible due to the small size of your yard? Piscines Bayto is your solution. Our precast concrete pools are available in three sizes, 8′ x 10′, 8′ x 16′, and 8′ x 20′, and are suitable for all types of yards. Moreover, they can be installed in three different ways: dug, semi-dug, or above ground. They are small, but due to their rectangular shapes, you can easily swim, lounge on an inflatable mattress, or sit on the specially designed steps. We offer you the opportunity to finally own the pool of your dreams while maximizing the space in your yard.

Easy to heat and maintain

Our precast concrete pools are relatively small, which makes them easy to heat. Ideally, especially in Quebec where the temperature can vary greatly, it’s best to have a pool heater, but our pools won’t cause you any heating problems! As for maintaining your pool, it’s simple. We provide you with all the necessary information for proper operation, and our pools come with basic equipment, so they’re ready to use. Normal maintenance – chlorine/salt, robotic cleaning, water treatment – is sufficient for you to fully enjoy your pool!

Peace of mind

At Bayto Pools, we make it a point to offer you products of the highest possible quality. Our precast concrete pools, manufactured and assembled under controlled and supervised conditions and unique to Quebec, are extremely durable. Our pools have a monolithic cement shell, which means they are in one piece and do not require any additional assembly on your part. Each pool has a special lining; rather than a canvas or paint, we use a reinforced membrane. This provides durability and waterproofing to our products, as these membranes are the thickest on the market. They are therefore highly resistant, and we guarantee them for a period of 10 years! So you can have peace of mind in choosing our precast concrete pools.

Affordable Luxury

It’s no secret that an in-ground pool is a costly purchase. Contrary to popular belief about the cost of in-ground pools, our precast concrete pools are more affordable than you might think. Their cost is lower and due to their exceptional quality, they do not incur additional expenses in case of a ripped liner or a crack in the cement, for example. Since our pools are precast in concrete, they come in a single, super-strong and durable block. The reinforced membrane that covers them protects the basin and ensures its waterproofing, allowing you to get a luxurious-looking pool for a very reasonable price.

Prestigious Aesthetics

Thanks to the simple, elegant and uniform design of our precast concrete pools, to which we add the reinforced membrane of your choice, you will have a gem in your backyard! You will have the opportunity to choose from our 7 models of reinforced membranes, all more luxurious than the others. The designs of these membranes are very aesthetic, in addition to being embossed, which gives a small relief to your coating. These embossments thus imitate certain natural elements such as marble, granite or sand, for example.


It goes without saying that during heatwaves, pool owners are spoiled and happy with their acquisition. In addition, a bonus point: due to their small size, you can easily enjoy your precast concrete pool even in winter!

Bayto Pools is proud to offer you a unique and innovative product that will meet your needs while allowing you to turn your dream into reality…in just 48 hours!