How to Choose Your Future Inground Pool?

In the past, inground pools were all similar and made in the same way, but this is no longer the case today. Inground pools, whether in their design, materials, or format, are very diverse. They are offered in a multitude of sizes, shapes, materials, models, etc. Needless to say, when it comes time to choose your type of inground pool, the options are numerous.

Many factors can influence your final choice, which is why it is important to ask yourself the right questions before purchasing an inground pool. We have therefore put together a small guide of elements and criteria to consider in order to better guide your decision.

The size of your backyard

Among all the factors to consider when buying an inground pool, the size of your land is one of the most important. If you have a large plot of land and the necessary space to install a large inground pool, you can opt for a more imposing format. If, on the contrary, you have a medium-sized or rather restricted plot of land, a large inground pool is obviously not ideal. It is important to take into account the size of the pool you wish to install according to the size of your land, so that your pool is not too cramped or that it takes up all the space. For smaller plots of land, we suggest choosing a smaller pool format and opting for a shape that allows you to gain as much space as possible. Note that many pools can be offered in different shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular, or even customized. So you have plenty of choices!

At Bayto Pools, we offer three formats of rectangular pools: 8′ x 16′, 8′ x 18′, 8′ x 20′, which is ideal for all plots of land, especially those with limited space.

The intended use

Another important factor to consider is the intended use of your inground pool. If you have a large family, a large inground pool is certainly recommended. The same goes for those who want to swim laps; a long rectangular inground pool is ideal. However, if you know that you will not have many people using the pool and that you plan to use your pool for more relaxing purposes than for sports, a smaller inground pool will be more than enough!

At Bayto Pools, we can offer you a combination of all of these! Although our pools are relatively small, you can easily swim from one end to the other, but if you are a fan of laps, know that it is possible to get an in-place swimming system directly from us! Since our precast concrete inground pools are rather small, you can even use them all year round! This is a significant advantage, as summer in Quebec is short. Due to their small size, our pools are easy to heat, so you can relax in your pool even in winter!

The final result

Before starting a project and a construction site, it is always essential to have a plan, a precise idea of the desired final result in mind. This allows you to better organize yourself and also prevents unpleasant surprises. If you have a large-scale project in mind with a huge inground pool, perhaps you should opt for a standard inground pool. If you have a more luxurious, discreet, and intimate look in mind, a smaller pool is ideal. In both cases, the landscaping you will do around your pool will count for a lot in the final appearance of your project.

Bayto Pools specializes in precast concrete pools and with our pools, you can create the oasis of your dreams because our pools are very versatile. You can install them wherever you choose and transform a simple pool into a cozy and luxurious place.


Budget is the most essential element to consider when purchasing a pool, unsurprisingly. The total cost of your project depends entirely on the size of your excavated pool, the materials, as some types of pools are more expensive than others, the landscaping you will do, and the equipment you will install for your pool. Obviously, the larger the pool, the higher the cost will be. So it is important to consider your budget to make your dream project a reality. However, know that there are very affordable excavated pools!

This is also the case at Bayto Pools. Our pools are precast concrete, making them a safe and high-quality product at a very good price. Certainly, our pools are smaller, but oh how charming they are! And even if they are not 20 meters long, you can still enjoy them and have as much fun swimming! In fact, you can enjoy them even more since they can be used in summer and winter, which makes them even more interesting! At Bayto Pools, we focus on the fact that our pools are affordable, allowing you to turn your dream into a reality, no matter your budget.



In summary, several elements come into play when it comes time to choose your excavated pool, and it is important to reflect carefully since it is a considerable purchase. The excavated pool of your dreams depends only on you, and at Bayto Pools, we can help you make this dream a reality.